HTML in Snap!

I have a block that can generate an HTML from text. Is it possible to:

  • Make the created page back-interact with Snap! via JS (If so, how do I add JS?)
    lol i didnt realize you could embed js directly into the html code
  • Make Snap! forcefully close the page

What are you asking and what are you trying to do? I think I've done what I think you're trying to do.

I think the time has come to ask - what is your project all about? :slight_smile:

I was thinking of making something somewhat like an OS in snap!, and utilizing custom HTML to create things in windows.

There is a Snap/src/api.js to allow sites to embed/interact with Snap!. You can send/receive broadcasts, set/get var, and so on...

o_O wha

aaa something like this i guess (its supposed to be one block but scratchblocks doesnt have multiline)

There are a few projects that open a browser window on top of Snap!
But right now I'm talking of the idea used here TuneScope.

I have a block that opens a popup window with input HTML. It's the 35th block in my collection of custom blocks: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

Not what I meant... I mean an actual HTML page that can, say, have a button on it that when clicked will trigger something in the project. Example: The project opens a page with a scratch embed and a "next" button, which when clicked tells snap to close the page and open a different scratch embed page

Some of htis is possible, like the button functions. I experimented with this in my Snap! HTML projects. I do not know about the other stuff though.

I'm going to look at api.js and see what I can do.


is that even how you use that

I've started work on an actual HTML-themed Snap 7.0 mega-extension so this is actually really important now

In what ways?