How Would You Run Html?

I'm Wondering How Would You Run Html On Snap!?

Do you mean display HTML on the stage? If so, you could make something to do that, but it's pretty hard. First, you would have to parse it, then display it. I could make the displaying, but I'm not up to the task of making something to parse it.

No In A New Window

I don't know how to do that. You would need JS, though.

Thanks I Well Tag @joecooldoo To See What He Can Do He Made A HTML Block Too I Think He Might Help

In javascript, opens a new window with the specified url. If you want to dynamically create the pages, you could try data urls.

Edit: Data urls don't seem to be a good solution. Use warped_wart_wars' solution


An Error Came Up
Screenshot 2022-01-12 5.14.03 PM




And if you need help creating a website for a window, ask me.

Thanks! I I'm Gonna Try It

Thanks But As Of Right Now I Don't Need Help (Why I Taged You Was Becuse I Thought No One Else Well Help But If I Need Help I Well Ask You)

Here Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

You typed;

The JavaScript parser can't understand it because you didn't pass the url as a string.

I Did See This Before But I'll Try It Again


@sir_kitten2 Why Do I Forget On How Strings Works


I don't like things like that, where you have something outside of Morphic visible to the user.