How would I convert a Snap project to an .exe?

Snapp appears to be deprecated meaning I have to look for something else.

Maybe passing the code in another programming language?

How would I do that?

It's a lot more complicated than that. You'd have to code the snap engine (not the editor) first.

I honestly wish I knew how to modify Snapp itself to support Snap 7. I don't know if a game I want to use with Snapp will still work as I updated it once in Snap 7. In addition I don't even know if there's an offline editor in Snap 6.

Really? What programming language should a user use to make a .exe?

Nope, doesn't work in Snapp anymore.

I think you should investigate how to make a EXE file. Then I can help you...

The problem isn't that the code would be hard to translate, it's that you need to package the entire Snap! environment along with the .exe, so it can actually read and display the project data.


Then you would need to view Snap! source, I think

I don't know much about that kind of stuff, so the only solution I have at the moment is to use older versions of my existing projects and working on them in a Snap 6 version until Snapp is updated, which seems highly unlikely. It will set me back massively as well on existing projects.

I can use the Snap! Editor offline, so maybe you can too?

Any language that can compile and has Windows as a support target (in other words, it can compile to an exe).

I would try to help you, but I wouldn't be able to test it out, as I am on a Chromebook, sorry.
But, I could give you a link to download it if you want to test it out yourself

Given that Snap! is written in Javascript and runs in a browser, it ought to be possible to host it within Electron. That's far from a push button solution but it seems like it should be both doable and maybe a fun project. (The super cool thing of course would be to build something that makes it into a push button solution for an arbitrary Snap! project.)

There is a Snapp! utility based on NW.js.
It must be updated to Snap v7.x

I downloaded the source code for Snap 6.9.2 and I'll test if it is backwards compatible with Snapp. It's a major set back on a game I'm making though sadly. I did email the creator of Snapp about it (as they have responded to my emails about Snapp in the past).

Snapp is currently in 6.2.1

well, snapp, not the snap instance it uses, which is 5.1.0. I did find the source for the snap instance that snapp uses, which is here

Not really ...