How would i calculate numbers up to {n,n(2)n}? in BEAF?

I know lots of people don't know or like googology, but i figured out how to calculate numbers around {n,n(1)(1)n}. Using a model of The 2nd row operator I made, does anyone have an idea on how to make more and more rows? For example, {a,b}(2) = {a,a,... (b times)}(1), {a,b}(c,d)<2> = {a,b}({a,b}(...(c times)...,d-1),d-1)<1>. How do I calculate what is {a,b(2)c} in BEAF by using {a,b}(c,d)<e,f>[g,h]... and so on?
EDIT: Just figured out how!