How was “Octogon” made?

I spotted a project named “Octogon” (sic), and its like sister project “Triangle”, both published by user rosenhayden. “Octogon” contains two blocks, the first drawing one octagon and the other drawing one square. There’s a “size” variable with an input slider. Whenever the green flag is pressed, the full screen is mysteriously redrawn with octagons and squares - I don’t have a clue as to how this works: no hat blocks anywhere to be seen.

Can anyone explain? (rosenhayden perhaps?)



The scripts are just hidden. If you scroll all the way to the right in the sprite "Sprite" you can see the following script:
octogon script pic

Of course! How silly I didn’t see that at first … should’ve tried CLEAN UP :smirk:

You can also right-click and click clean up.

That’s what I meant. :grinning:

Oh, I didn't read that bit (or at least, I didn't think about it)

Like is there a link to the project I wanna look at it too -_-

Here's a link: Octogon.