How to write text over a sprite

i cant write text over a sprite, using the stage wont work either. How do i write text over a sprite?

can't you write and then change the layer?

didnt work

something like this maybe?

the problem with that is it won't work if there is already pen.

I thought they were talking about if you wanted to generate the costumes beforehand

I don't think so..

does not work ¯\(°_o)/¯

For some reason @snapenilk said, and then deleted, what I think is the right answer: Use the Text Costumes library, for a sprite (no reason for it to be a clone) that you put in a layer to the front of the other sprite. If you want the text to move with the other sprite, nest them (manual page 10).

I had thought helicoptur's solution worked, but after 4cwef... said that it didn't, I realized why: paste on "chops off"* the text that is not on the parent. (*I know that is not paste on's intention; I know what paste on does)

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