How to work Snap! ? help please

Hi, I'm really new to this app-like i just got it today for a Computer Science class and I have no idea how to do can anyone tell me how to get around here?

I cant create anything!

This programming account tried to help, but only sent me to the page i need help with...
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Someone helped me figure out how to get to the designing page but i still dont know how to do it or what anything else is on the Explorer page or the home page.


Would you please ask specific questions instead of asking us to help you learn everything in one shot? It would make things a lot easier!

Welcome to the forums- and Snap in general!

Right now you’re on the forum. There should be a button on the top of the screen labeled “Home page”. Click that, and another button should show up that says “Run Snap!”. Click that to get to the editor, if you’re having trouble.

also i love your pfp

Welcome to Snap! Attached is an image of where you would click to run the Snap! editor (where you can start programming). You are going to want to click "Run Snap!" where the red circle is. Also, here is the direct link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I would like to know which device you are on.

You can go to Snap! Build Your Own Blocks ( and click "Run Snap!", that will bring you to the editor. You can access the editor directly here. Once in the Editor I am sure your Computer Science Teacher will explain the blocks, how to use them, and help you farther.

The Snap! Manual: manual
Some Example Projects: examples

Welcome to Snap! by the way :slight_smile:

PS: amazing pfp

There's a shortcut at

Hi, welcome to Snap!.

My guess is that for use in a class you can just go directly to the "run Snap!" link and ignore the rest of the site. At least that's what you should do until you feel comfortable in the editor (which is what the "run Snap!" page is called around here). The home page is the entryway to the Snap! community pages, where you can see projects that other people have published. It's fun seeing other people's work, and you can make friends with other users. But first just get comfortable making your own projects for your class.

PS I agree with everyone else, great pfp. It reminds me of Iris.

Or you can just click run snap on the forum


These posts are known as "low-effort posts". Please provide details and such.

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