How to use the url block

how to use the url block

please help

To GET the contents of a url.

The only one i know of that supports cors(meaning GET), is the only one i have encountered:

it does not work

I mean, SEPARATELY, they are api...... and api64........ .
(Just writing this bc my sentence is unclear to the forum...)

all it says is a ip address?

That is its' purpose.
Now u know the use of the url block. Also, i once tried to use a cors proxy, but it didn't work.

And that ip is yours.

so it only goes to ip addresses? (and yes i know it is mine)

so it does not do anything?

Ummm.... waht


ok so that does not explain what the url block is for

the url block gets the contents of a web page

Isk what u mean.

The url block returns the HTML content of a website. And it's not useless, take a look at this script:
[scratchblocks] split (url [ user]::sensing) by (json v)::operators reporter [/scratchblocks]
(Replace 'your user' with your username.)
That will return a list of key-value pairs with info on your user profile, such as email, project count, etc. (Trying to get data from other users won't work.)


Wait, is this true?

Just try it for yourself

No, i mean, can ANYONE see ANYONEs' personal data
(somewhat security threat)