How to use Snap! on an iPhone on iOS Safari

Have you ever wanted to use Snap! but your PC is unavailable or you didn't have a PC? This method may come in handy.

  1. Set zoom to 50% (press the AA button on the address bar)
  2. Run Snap!
  3. Increase the size of blocks using zoom blocks so you can drag blocks easily (well, you had to do the tiny menu clicking, but once if the browser doesn't reset your settings)
  4. Optionally shrink the stage, which gives you a lot more space to code (no, not changing the stage size)

Yes, not only that, you can still use text inputs!
Everytime you click on an input, the browser zooms Snap! in without a way to zoom out and sometimes drive Snap! to stretch. However, there's a solution to this problem, just set the zoom to 75% (or higher if 75% doesn't work) and zoom back to 50%.

It worked for me like a miracle and I do it regularly!

The menus are still tiny, but you can just use the iOS window zoom feature.

Warning: Opening the costumes popup may refresh the project, which causes you to lose your hard work. Remember to save large projects!

I feel snap works best on tablets but unfortunately it’s unstable as heck (I FINALLY got a video of what it looks like unstable)

I really know it's very very unstable, but that's the only last resort for phones.

I wish iOS Safari did not zoom in when clicking on input bars, I find that kind of annoying. Especially Snap!. One has to set the website size higher then back every time they click on an input.

The only times I ever use snap on my phone is when I want to just quickly write a script, like when I want to help someone out on the forum. Of course my phone is android, and it has much better comparability (files actually download, importing files works like a charm, the keyboard I feel is better, but the shift key doesn't trigger shift click events in snap).

For iOS, that's the only last resort with this immense amount of bugs!

Same, I also use it to write small scripts.

Maybe Snap! will one day will be improved to support any platform.

We do make small improvements all the time, but it's hard to keep up with incompatible changes to browsers. Maybe one day we'll have a ton of money to hire programmers who can work full-time on mobile device interfaces.

I personally can't imagine trying to program in Snap! on anything but a real computer, although occasionally I find it useful to run a project on a phone in presentation mode.

There actually was supposed to be a touch-friendly option in Dev mode.

It's labeled as "touch screen settings". But you can't easily access this menu.

I never heard of that before. I used that option and all scrollbars and menus are magnified to make it friendly for touch-screen users. It could go quite handy for using Snap! on a road trip, but too bad that was a dev mode option.

If you have like some sort of Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, I believe you can hold down shift to show the option.

Surprisingly, I did that to get the dev mode on mobile


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