How to use openweathermap?

Hi all,
is there a chance to use the api of openweathermap to fetch the current weather-conditions of my hometown? I want to implement a simple project to practice AND and OR. Like if (temp>10 AND clouds==0) then pick t-shirt.

I was thinking about using the url-block but didn't know which url to use and what to do with the json-file.

Does anybody tried something like that? Are there any examples.

Kind regards.

Sign up for the service and get your API key

then you can do stuf like this

untitled script pic - 2023-10-11T101926.656

But some conversion needed as temperatures are given in degrees Kelvin :slight_smile:


Alternatively, if you're in the US, you could do something similar with the National Weather Service's API.

Thank you both, I'll try. However, I live in Germany and have to find another weather service.

Kind regards.

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