How to TELL another sprite to do a sprite-local block?

If sprite1 needs to TELL sprite2 to do a custom block that's local to sprite2... how do you get the custom block from sprite2? I mean, where do you find it to drag it over from sprite2 and drop it inside the ring of the sprite1's TELL block?

This thread should help you

Thank you. Mine was a little more complicated in that the sprite name itself was variable. I first set OF to one of the possible values of sprites, picked the block, and then replaced the sprite name with variable. Like this:
tell of
Let me know if anyone knows of an easier way. I'll use this way for now. Thanks!

I think you've got a pretty simple method there considering that you are using variable sprites

Can't see how it could be made any simpler than that :slight_smile:

for a second i thought that you were replying to yourself but then i looked at the names

I once thought the same thing about sir_kitten2 and slate_technologies.

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