How to show scratchblocks images e.g. @greenFlag

You might know that in scratchblocks, @greenFlag doesn't work, @addInput doesn't work, and other @ images.

Here's how to make them sort of show up, well, here's the unicode symbols that are like the images.

[scratchblocks] greenFlag: ⚑
when ⚑ clicked :: hat events // copy this has a zero-width space in it, so copy this, when ⚑ clicked :: hat events

[scratchblocks] turnRight: ↻
turn ↻ () degrees :: motion // zero-width space again, copy this, turn ↻ () degrees :: motion

[scratchblocks]turnLeft ↺
turn ↺ () degrees :: motion // turn ↺ () degrees :: motion

and the most important ones for snap

addInput :arrow_forward:
() input names ((# 1):: grey) :arrow_backward: :arrow_forward::: grey ring // I chose :arrow_forward: because the smaller one (▸) gets replaced by the addInput symbol

edit: the unicode symbols and (which is what I used in the scratchblocks) get replaced with the emojis :arrow_backward: and :arrow_forward:, should this be dissabled?

they're not perfect, but they work, oh, and I had to put a space after # to not get

[scratchblocks] (#1) [/scratchblocks]

Here's a bug I found, the custom colors like #ffffff don't work with scratchblocks, that needs to be fixed.


[scratchblocks] when @greenFlag clicked :: events hat [/scratchblocks]

[scratchblocks] when ⚑ clicked :: #1000cf hat // custom colors seem to be working fine! when ⚑ clicked :: events hat [/scratchblocks]

er – the first one without the ⚑ works fine.

later I found out that it's better to just put the scratchblocks in the <p>...</p> html tags.

oh, and this topic was made before the images would show up, so this topic is not relevant anymore.

You can just use when gf clicked or when flag clicked and it works fine
when flag clicked

yeah, but when you want to do stuff like

[scratchblocks] press @greenFlag :: control [/scratchblocks]

doing just when gf clicked won't work.