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How I can set a size of text in my post? Sometimes I see a posts with a another size of
text. Thanks for answer!

The only way I know how is using the <big> and <small> tags

Oh, thanks a lot!

I was using a [] no <> so...

You can also use





, although those are for titles.

Also thanks!

moew and moew
<big>moew</big> and <small>moew</small>

(yes I saw


This is big text
This is normal text
This is small text
This is super small text
Props to whoever can read this
Oop! That's a little too close to the screen. Stand back a little!
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.

I can read all but the last one. I can't read the last one because it's like three pixels tall. Anyway,

Lol I rickrolled you

How dare you.

I absolutely hate when people romantisize things, especially songs. The only sense of the word "romance" that's acceptable to me is in "Romance languages", i.e., those deriving from the language of Rome.

<title></title> does not work on here:/

moew testing

Nope. It doesn't.

The <title> tag is for setting the tab name. Of course, it won't.

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