How to quickly find all the places I used a custom block I wrote?

I found myself in a position trying to identify all the places (including other custom blocks) which I used a particular block that I wrote, I added a parameter, with a default value, I naively thought everything would be great, however, to my dismay, the caller of the block shifted the parameter by one position, I found a few places I used the block, I am wondering whether it's possible to quickly identify all the places that I had used this block.

So far, I can use index of "ringfy block" in "my[blocks]" to find the index of my specific block. I can also use my[scripts] to find all the script in the current sprite, I then proceeded to use my[self] in front of my[other sprites] to tell it to hand me all the scripts which used my block. But these did not include those scripts inside my other blocks which also used this block.

locate my own block 2

So I have a simple question, I can use my[blocks] to get all the blocks, how do I programmatically get all the script inside the custom blocks, just inside a particular block (again has to be done programmatically).

Any help would be greatly appreciated in advance!

Solve by @cymplecy in a related post by using the following:

Thanks @cymplecy

This is to find block in all blocks inside your project, It may also search for variables inside all the blocks as well.

find blocks in all blocks 2

I used the builtin flatten and finding out that's the fastest. Depending on your size of the project, this may take up to 30 seconds to run.

If you have an idea on how to improve the speed, please share.

Thanks once again for @cymplecy for the "definition of block", that was exactly what I was looking for.

This is also complementary to what @cymplecy in a related post to find all the blocks and variables inside your project (excluding all the blocks)

I tried your block, however, it does not seem to be working.

It seemed to work for me when I tried it. Can you post a project that doesn't work for you?

I dragged the picture of the orange block from sm2art and gave me an error

What did the error say?

i dont remember what it said

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