How to only erase a clones pen?

Hi, I'm NOOOAAAscratch. Call me NOOOAAA. I want to erase all the pen on the canvas that only a spisific clone or sprite did.

I am absolutely clueless on how to do this.

Can i have some help, please?

hi noah,maybe let the sprites draw on different costumes and not display some of them

I think that would require keeping track of every movement and all pen down/ups of each sprite / clone

And then when you want to erase he trails of one of them, you'd have to replay the movements and actions but using the background stage colour to erase them (and potentially needing to increase pen size slightly)

Big task and I'm not sure if it look good visually

But maybe someone else knows of a different cunning way of doing :slight_smile:

use the block {draw {} on () instead of Stage} block in my os project and modify it a bit and then draw the costume

Which of your trillion projects is that one? :slight_smile:

Uh,idk :~P

you'll need to use the PEN TRAILS block to take the pen trails at certain points as a costume and keep them somewhere, then you can CLEAR and draw something else.

there's no way to do it without changing the way EVERY sprite draws to stop the two sets of pen trails from mixing

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