How to make the typewriter effect

This is how you make the typewriter effect:
Bowser destroys berkeley remake script pic


Very nice!

I used hyperblocks for an alternative solution:


Very nice!

I had actually just made my own version of this(albeit less efficient) right before finding this.

What is the purpose of [scratchblocks] ((delay) / (delay)) [/scratchblocks]?

It will always be 1 unless [scratchblocks] (delay) [/scratchblocks] is 0.

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ZeroDivisionError:float division by zero

cool, though there is an easier way:

that's pretty clever

thanks! the outer say block is what it will do for the last time. so, you could achieve the typewriter effect for the ask block by changing the outer say to an ask and wait. the inner say (the one in combine) is what the character will be doing for all but the last iteration of the text.

This is indeed very clever.

Technically, it's not guaranteed to work, because we don't promise that the COMBINE block works left-to-right. (The usual recursive definition actually works right-to-left.) I don't think it's likely to change, though.

The only list-related block that guarantees left-to-right is FOR EACH ITEM, and you could use the same script with that one too.

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