How to make slide notes for instruments in Tunescope

In Tunescope, I've been trying to work out a way to make a music editor (my understanding of music is probably better than an average person but still quite limited). I was wondering how I could recreate a slide note (or the closest I could get).

A slide note is when on a guitar or bass or similar instrument you slide your finger along the fretboard, while the string is vibrating, making the tone of the string change as it plays.

Maybe you could change the tone while it's playing? (don't quote me on this I don't know much about music either)

I meant what @cymplecy said

It's not possible, because you can't change the tone of a note that is currently being played.

What happens if you play a sequence of very short notes with very small differences in frequency?

I think the current Tunescope libary only deals in semitones.

I think ego-lay_atman-bay did propose some additions to the library that might allow people to do this but they aren't currently available

[edit] To clarify - you can imitate the likes of a guitar (which is usually fretted and so moves in semitones )
but you can't do true smooth sliding on an instrument like a violin

But for computer generated music, semitone sliding is probably expressive enough of course :slight_smile:

No-one is going to be using Snap! Tunescope library to produce a new best-seller symphony :slight_smile:

I don't think it would work because that would restart the sound, and it would be more noticable for real instruments (not wave functions). Maybe I could get the sound of an instrument and gradually shift the note through it and then that can be played.

I did propose additions, but I didn't add the ability to change the pitch of a note while it's being played. I don't know how to do that. What I think you're thinking of is, I allowed the user to use numbers for notes, instead of forcing the user to use note names.

TuneScope music blocks use the WebAudioFont API, which does have a specification for sliding between pitches. However, we focused our efforts on implementing foundational capabilities needed to create music in the initial TuneScope library. (Latency issues between multiple tracks playing at once proved to be a non-trivial issue to solve.)

Though we've done extensive testing, we anticipate glitches surfacing as a new audience begins to use the blocks. Once any such problems have been identified and addressed, we will shift our focus to adding new extensions such as pitch bending. There are many features of the WebAudioFont API that TuneScope doesn't utilize, and we agree that incorporating more of them is a good idea.

P.S. Creation of a music editor is exactly the type of project that we had hoped that folks might build once the music blocks were available. We'll look forward to following the development of your project.

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