How to make secret text in the forums

How to Make Secret Text in the Forums

I figured out that you can make some hidden text in context menu in the forums. Here's how to make it:

<span title="Hello!">Hover me!</span>

Results in (hover to see the results):

Hover me!

It works by using some HTML tags. This allows you to make secret text in the forums without having to use the spoiler feature in the forums.

Except it's inaccessible on mobile, which some users (me) use the forum on mobile. I personally like to use the details bbcode tags, because it hides the text much better than the spoilers.

If one uses a screen reader on a mobile, I guess this would still be accessible.

Try selecting this text with a screen reader, if you hear just "It works!", then it works

I'm unenthusiastic about this whole discussion.


You could also press the reply button on a post and automatically quote it (by clicking the speech bubble to the left of the toolbar). It reveals the contents of the post.

well that makes it inaccessible to blind people, which is honestly even worse

Yeah, but it's not possible if the topic is closed.

Because I don't like the idea of encouraging unmoderated conversations here, and I'm not going to spend my declining years hovering over everything.

Can you explain more why?

Does it need explanation? Unmoderated anything bad because it enables the same kind of stuff off-site meetings do.

Oh, I see. Won't do it in the future. :slight_smile:

I'm pretty sure you can select a passage from a post on a locked topic and select "Copy Quote".

Oh, I didn't knew that I can quote locked topics... :confused: