How to make scratchblocks work on the forum without p tags

Scratchblocks kinda breaks if you use it without p tags or preformatted text:

variadic @delInput@addInput::grey

And if you use it with p tags, it can be really annoying (Preview mysteriously disappears/freezes, preformatted text doesn't work, even elsewhere in the post).
But, I found a way to cheat the system. Just put </span> after each @ sign.

variadic @delInput@addInput::grey

variadic @</span>delInput@addInput::grey 

For custom colors, do a similar thing, but with </a> in front of the hashtag.

custom color::#000fff

custom color::#</a>000fff

um... what?

can you please explain what part you're not understanding?

that's not very helpful. i have no idea what to get from that.
please explain with words.

the problem is

i can't help you, i don't know what you mean.

it is

that is very very unclear. Can you explain what the problem is instead of just quoting an @ symbol.

the problem is the @

They mean, "What does @ have to do with anything?"

@spacer: @helicoptur is saying that what makes scratchblocks not work in the first place is using @ in the scratchblocks text (I'm guessing because that conflicts with the forum using it to cite usernames).


Works! :hushed:

Welcome to the Snap! forum!

Actually I think any HTML tag after the @ will work to make the mention HTML not trigger.

variadic @addInput@delInput::grey
Nah. It has to be </span> because that will end the mention early.

Why did you mention yourself? (did someone get into your account?)

Nah. To demonstrate the </span> thing. I typed:


in my original post. It's not clickable.

It works.
[scratchblocks](list @addInput:: list)[/scratchblocks]