how to make popup box

So I was fiddling with code and I had the project from smerge and it had a custom block in it that make a box popup in snap like:
Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 2.55.55 pm
and I digged through the code and couldn't seem to find the code for the box, can someone figure out the code to make a box popup in Snap!?
PS here is the code

I don't mean the alert boxes but like that built in one on snap, looking like those confirm boxes
Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 2.55.55 pm

Oh. That's harder. The simplest one of those I can think of offhand is the Project Notes dialog; look in gui.js line 4159. The general blue-top-gray-rest box is a DialogBoxMorph, defined in widgets.js. It's a little complicated because you have to place all the pieces, like that text box and the two buttons in your picture. Where did you get that picture? Maybe you can use it as an example?

the box pic I screenshot from a block result

Oh I see. In the code whose picture you posted, right near the beginning is new DialogBoxMorph(... and that keeps going almost all the way to the end. The first input is this and that'll do for you, too. The second input is the action to take when a button is clicked, and that's most of the crud in that long string; the third and final argument is "environment" which is this again in your example I think, although it would help if you loaded that block text into a serious editor (i.e., Emacs), formatted it properly, and then you could see where one expression stops and the next starts.