How to make obsolete blocks

How to make Obsolete blocks like this:


  • 1: Make a category calld 'Obsolete'
  • 2: Set the color to R: 255 G: 0 B: 0
  • 3: Create the blocks shown on the image above and give them NO DEFINITION!!

𝒯𝒢𝒹𝒢! You made obsolete blocks!

thats not obsolete blocks
we have an anology in snap:undefined blocks.It happens when you somehow manage to remove the line of sight from the instance to the will become undefined after reload.

I agree. Obsolete means (by definition, I guess) they were once relevant, but not any more. A block can not be created obsolete. :smirk:

Then what is this?

That's not snap!Thats scratchblocks3 ig?

I meant why didn't you say

to this image?

Because they aren't really obsolete blocks, they're just custom blocks.
The actual obsolete block is hard to get now without tampering with the XML because exporting scripts also include their dependencies now.

like @joecooldoo said, those are custom blocks. this is a real obsolete/undefined block:



Edit: I somehow got a gray one too (Edit 2: for some reason when you drag them they change color?):

image 2



test script pic
test script pic (1) for some reason it says custom block definition, and also for some reason it will randomly turn into a stack block