How to make less laggy?

how can i make this less laggy?
heres the project it is in

you draw the ellipse again and again (remove the warp to see it)

Just draw the ellipse and fill it if necessary... (with the fill block)
untitled script pic

is it possible for me to make it so it can overlap other pen generated shapes?


watch the project


the ellipse is not perfect, but the drawing time is very quick...
i draw the ellipse only 1 time with maximum pen size i can!

would it be ok to explain to me on how this works?

x,y : center of the ellipse
a : distance from the center to the left (or the right!) of the ellipse
b : distance from the center to the top (or the bottom!) of the ellipse

in a circle, a=b ... the radius)

This block draw an ellipse:
forum help - Draw an ellipse script pic
If you look inside the block:

  1. pen down
  2. draw the ellipse
    for each degree (0-360) move (and trace a line because pen is down)
  3. pen up

This block draw a filled ellipse:
forum help - Draw an ellipse script pic
If you look inside the block:

the result ellipse is in black, but where i draw in reality is in white:

how did you get the () min () block?

you can search for it (magnifying glass)

or you can relabel an existing operetor to obtain it...

I don't know why this block is hidden...

I believe it’s hidden for the same reason as the greater than or equal to/less than or equal to blocks, which is that it’s a good exercise for users (specifically CS students) to learn to make these blocks themselves instead.

(this is based on something bh said so he could probably have a better explanation)

It's to not clutter up tge pallet.

I understand for >=, !=, etc

If i don't want to see a block, i can hide this block...

i made this but it wont work when both X size and Y size are the same number

look inside the project and find the pen circle custom block

nope everything just broke

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