How to make custom messages WITHOUT JavaScript!

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make custom message boxes without Javascript!

Using SciSnap!, we can create custom message boxes.
But, there are a lot of SciSnap! Blocks, and it makes it really laggy, so I have an alternative.
Go to this project and export the blocks.

Wow! How did you do this with the SciSnap! blocks?

I took them out of the SciSnap! library.

Ok... Hope there is a way to add buttons as well

Nope, sorry. Only "okay".

I'm impressed how this does not use JS blocks... Maybe someone could create one that can create messages with buttons and more options

yeah I hope so. It uses the extension primitive.

You can use my button helper if you want

I can't click the link?

It's ok now

I have some blocks for that in my Custom Blocks project. They use JS, though.

Uh... I said buttons in messages

Yes, those blocks are exactly what I wanted! However, they use JS...

Oh, sorry...

Don't worry :smiley: