How to make colored text in the forums

How to make colored text in the forums

Confused how to make colored text in the forums because lack of color options? No, we're not lacking of color options in the forums because the forums allow you to make it. Here's how:

$$\red{I \space LOVE \space SKIBIDI \space TOLIET}$$

Results in:

$$\red{I\space LOVE \space SKIBIDI \space TOLIET}$$

We used the Math feature in Markdown so the text appears italic and serif. So, with the math feature, we could make some colored text, like the above.

You can replace red with the following:

  • orange

  • green

  • blue

  • purple

  • pink

  • gray

$$\orange{your \space text \space here}$$

$$\green{your \space text \space here}$$

$$\blue{your \space text \space here}$$

$$\purple{your \space text \space here}$$

$$\pink{your \space text \space here}$$

$$\gray{your \space text \space here}$$

Which could be useful to make this!



Remember to use \space when adding spaces, because it doesn't work properly if we don't use \space. (Also, you can use \ ‚Äč, which is a \ with a space after it -- thanks @bh!)

Custom Colors

Custom colors work too! You can use \color between the two $$ to make more colorful text! Example, $$\color{teal}$$ sets the color to teal, like:

$$\color{teal} Hello!$$

$$\color{teal} Hello!$$

Using hex works too, such as $$\color{decade} like:

$$\color{decade} Ten \space The \space Skunk \space Boi$$

$$\color{decade} Ten \space The \space Skunk \space Boi$$

Remember to use \space when adding spaces, because it doesn't work properly if we don't use \space.

This post is a wiki, you can add some missing info.

can you do it in a text bubble

"Text bubble" by what? In the say block or in the forums?

in the project editor

If you mean by changing the color in the speech bubble of the sprite, then:
untitled script pic (6)

Change the this.bubbleFontColor property for more colors.


how dyk all the js functions for snap!

I pressed Ctrl+U to get the source code of Snap!, and learned how to use it in the .js files.

oh ok

You can just look at the source code by clicking the snap logo > download source > code.

thats just downloading a file, the ctrl u is better

No, you can view the source code in the browser here GitHub - jmoenig/Snap: a visual programming language inspired by Scratch. Download source just takes you to the github releases page, where you can then navigate to the source code and view it all in the browser.

$$\orange{\rm This\ is\ a\ test.}$$

$$\orange{\rm This\ is\ a\ test.}$$

You should be able to say

$$\orange\hbox{This is a test.}$$

and have the spaces work normally, but apparently the $$\TeX$$ math mode interpreter in Discourse doesn't understand hbox. :~( But you can use \   instead of \space.

$$\red{\text{This is a test.}}$$
$$\red{\text{This is a test.}}$$

Oh, no fair! That's not a $$\TeX$$ command; it's an AMSTeX addition, says stackexchange. I never learned anything but plain TeX.

when displaying text does Snap! use html. if so, technically can you make it blink

No, only certain HTML tags are supported, like kbd, iframe, ins, del, small, and some more. It's not possible to add stylings by using the style attribute. So, technically, no.

You're talking about Snap!, or about Snapblocks?

But anyway, I'm pretty sure Snap! text is just text, not HTML.

I'm talking about the forums by the way, I thought it was in the forums.

Right, I know that's what the thread is about. But Avi said "does Snap! use html" so I thought the subject had changed to Snap! itself. :~/