How to make an approximately equal to predict

So view this project Here and view the definition of the block. Sorry if it is too long and you could make it shorter.

Instead of ten different things like
Approxamate script pic
(one for each digit) you could just

(or + if the digit is ≥5).

But I wouldn't do it by looking at digits at all; that limits you to integers. Instead I'd see if the difference is less than 1% of one of the numbers:

... or even specify the maximum difference (relative to the numbers' average) as a parameter :

Approxamate script pic (4)

Approxamate script pic (3)
Approxamate script pic (2)


  1. Within the code I used "pct." for percentage, because "%" didn't work (apparently it has a special meaning, so can't be used as a plain text - or perhaps it can, with a trick I don't know).
  2. For clarity I used intermediate results, but the implementation code may be condensed to a single block: Approxamate script pic (5)

Sorry I only started snap about a few moths ago

Anyways I did not know you could even do that

You’re welcome!

BTW designing a “≈” function is quite an original thought.