How to make an appearing say box

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Huh, I never heard of an appearing say box, but the text length is set to 0 and there is nothing in the "say" block. Maybe set text length to something above 0 and put something in the "say" block? Ehh, I don't know much about coding.

Look inside the loop body.

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for the text length at the start at 0, when the loop starts, the variable gets set to 1, and the end for when it says nothing is so it stops saying it

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Oh, huh. I never tried to make an appearing say box before, so I have no idea how to do it. I'm sure others would know how to do it though!

Nice block :slight_smile:

One of things that makes things like this easier in Snap! is the for block


It saves you having to create a variable and increment it inside the loop

Note - to change the name of the loop variable, just doubleclick it to edit and rename it

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Just single click does it!

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You can make "text" a script variable so it doesn't fill up the variables category

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More simplicated!

A neat hack for combine.
Important:Do not compile the combine!It is not used to do computation!It is used for iterating the list!

here's my way to do it

it's very simple. I even threw in a delay option (though I would put a : after secs, like secs is secs:)

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