How to make a visual programing language like snap

how do i make a programing language like snap and scratch with no experience

Try Google's Blockly! (You may need to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS first, depending on your experience with programming.)

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how do i change the category
im new in snap

and my experience on programing in scale to 1 to 1000 is 0.3

only the basic of lua

edit your post, click on the category dropdown, and select a new category

wheres is the edit buttom

there's two buttons to edit your post


great :+1:

Lua is cool!

Also, you might want to use Morphic.js to do the UI.

yeah if you want it to be just like snap

I just thought it was cool.

yeah i know
but they also said like snap so i was thinking they might want it to be as close as possible

For understanding how computers understand code, Check Out Crafting Interpreters.

Honestly? You are not going to succeed at this project at this point in your career. If you're ≥ 12 years old (don't tell us your age please!) and you're really ambitious, you could write an interpreter for a text language by summer (northern hemisphere) by studying the best computer science book ever written. But don't plan much else before summer. And do the exercises! In Chapter 4 you get to write an interpreter.

my next discord status for the rest of my life:

(south pole december) is summer now and i think i can leran a little bit of C

Oh, I didn't mean "during your summer vacation"; I meant "spending half a year working at it." But sure, learn C if you like.

if i learn C ican make an OS too!