How to make a sprite appear in a random background costume?

There's a game I'm making here, where I want a power up sprite to appear in any random background. How can I go about that?

use this script

It didn't work

the script runs whenever the backdrop changes, I even tested it out. Make sure the sprite is hidden and the stop sign is not a square.

also it would help if we could see the code for the project

It still doesn't work, thanks for the help though.

I think there's some confusion about what you want. The way to make a sprite appear is
untitled script pic (1)
The way you pick a random background is

Is either of those what you want?

If I am understanding your question correctly, then you might want to attach this script right under @bh's code-
untitled script pic (6)
Edit: Welcome to the forums, by the way!
Edit once again: Sorry, @bh, I did not notice you already said that even though I read your post because the block was not attached to the script.

This did not work, perhaps it was the way parts of the script was written but thanks for the help anyway! Meanwhile, I've decided to make the power up sprite appear in a specific stage/background costume, but make the x and y positions random, so that every time the power up sprite appears onto the stage (in a specific costume of the stage), it will go into a different spot every time.

This is the code for a sprite that broadcasts the message (two of the blocks are custom):Project Platform Game script pic (1)

This is the code for the power up sprite: Project Platform Game script pic (2)

Every time the sprite from the first code moves to the Third Zone, the power up sprite just begins moving in every random direction without actually settling onto a spot. Can you help?

What does putting the wait () seconds block do?

How would that help?

That would make the sprite wait between randomly changing its position.

The moving to a random position is inside a REPEAT UNTIL. That means it's going to repeat! There's no need for that; you know the stage is wearing Third Zone because that's when the broadcast is sent.

P.S. You can just rand .

I have another question about changing your name. If lets say I published a couple of projects, then changed my name on snap and published some more projects, would my name show up as my old name on the projects I published before I changed my name?

how would you change your name?

You can't change your username. All you can do is create a new account, and then if you want, copy each project from one to the other.