How to make a scroll bar in a Snap project?

I want to make a scroll bar effect on a Snap project where when I scroll on the project, it will switch to a new set of costumes for a new page, but idk how to do it

The when I am block can give you events when a mouse is scrolled so this should get you going


oh okay, imma be offline for a few hours so imma try it later you know how to make paragraphs without having to make so many text costumes?

Not sure exactly what you mean?

There is the
block that could be used to write lots of text on the stage without having to have individual pictures of text in costumes

Like how you can do with HTML using <p> tags but using Snap! blocks

I imported the strings/multi-line input library and came up with this which should get you started


which produces


Ahhhh, okay, thanks! :)

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