How to make a scrape project

step 1: click this link Snap! Build Your Own Blocks its not advertising, the project is literally the editor
step 2: click edit

step 3 use this category, its important, without it, it isnt a scrape project (extensions like bbq-binary are optional to add)
Screenshot 2024-05-03 160554
step 4: make something out of it like a normal snap project
step 5: after finishing, publish it and mark it as a remix of this project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks this still isnt advertising

this will be updated, if a new version comes around

Couldn't you put this in the original topic?

the original topic is a devlog dont say 'you said the TBP documentation in there'

I understand, but why do you assume I'm going to say that?


No one is accusing you as such?

there's no edit button there

it seems the button is named "see code" if you're not logged in as the owner of the project

snap is always confusing

also, dont necropost