how to make a score board for a jeopardy game

how to make a list of a score board that shows the player highest score after they quit the game.

You'll have to store it in the browser's storage with a JavaScript block.

No need for JavaScript - there is a database library for this



Except... Those blocks use JavaScript...


What's wrong with that?

you can import them from libraries

@cymplecy said:

No need for JavaScript

(well, you don't need to code it yourself but it still uses JavaScript)

He ment that you don't have to write any JavaScript yourself.

if you wanted a global highscore board you cloud use the cloud blocks @fsul made, but those are easy to hack

you dont need to do the JavaScript

Don't use those, they use the Uni Göttingen server which you are unauthorized to use.

what cloud system should I use?

A custom server.

err I dont have the hacker plan of replit

Use UpTimeRobot.

what is that

a web server

I was referring to a mod of Snap! created at Uni Göttingen.

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