How to make a Moving Screen GUI/Sprite

I need help creating a flappy bird because I don't understand how to make it so the screen/sprite moves, I also need a little help with the jump, thanks for the help!

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Benefits of helping: You get credit for certain parts, you can save it as your own game if you leave the crediting in.

You can use the
change x by (10)
change y by (10)
move (10) steps
go to x(0) y(0)
blocks to change the position of the sprite on screen. If you want it to scroll, I can help with that.

General approach to this is to think about gravity always try to pull things down :slight_smile:

So, for the bird, make a script that is forever trying to move down the screen 1 step at a time.

Then use the when space key is pressed block and make that one move it back up say 5 units at a time

So the bird will always move down but rapid pressing of the spacebar will make it hopefully make it go up quicker than it goes down

The values of 1 and 5 are just chosen as starting points - they may need to be less or more.

Oh, you want a gravity script?
For the bars:
when green flag clicked
wait (pick random (1) to (10)) seconds
create clone of (myself v)
when I start as a clone
set (speed v) to (5)
go to x (240) y(0)
repeat ((480) / (speed))
change x by ((0)-(speed))
delete this clone

For the bird;
when green flag clicked
go to x(-200) y(0)
set (yv v) to (0)
if <key(space v) pressed> then
set (yv v) to (7)
change (yv v) by (-0.5)
change y by (yv)
if <touching (bar v)> then
game over

Thx, I would like for you to help me.

Do you like/have you tried the script I have done?

I was busy and didn't chekc but I am working on it right now

It didn't work and it froze scratch.

You mean Snap!?

Yes lol.

Did you define game over?

I am not gonna do flappy bird now its complicated for mr.