How to make a list that stores data for the user.

I want to store data for the user so even if they restart the project they can get the data back.
I wish to also use snapp! to convert it into a exe so what would work for saving data locally?

If I am understanding your question correctly, then here is a simple example, but it takes data from the Snap! cloud-

However, you can always store data of any type by creating lists of any type and there is no limit of this.

that project does not save data after restarting the project

Well, i think this might be easy for you to create

untitled script pic (16)

You could probably just have the user export a list/variable when "saving", and then import that list/variable so they can get back to where they started.

Because I made the project like that. I have fixed it now.

Cookie vars!

here's the way I did it

here's the way I did it!

that's a lot better than mine, I don't know js.

your cloud var blocks actually use js!

I didn't make the blocks