How to make a Cloud Variable

I wanted to attempt to make a multiplayer among us game, but I have never worked with cloud variables before so I have no clue how to make or use them. Just looking for some help / explanations as to what to do and what blocks do what. I was following the steps from A Repl Server Of Your Own For Snap, but I was lost afterwards.

Hello @nicolai_navarro, welcome to the forum!

As far as I know there is no such thing as cloud variables within Snap!

There have been various discussions regarding cloud variables in this forum; some posts refer to solutions building on the MQTT library (see the File menu in the editor). Search “cloud variable”.

Among the suggested MQTT brokers, currently only untitled script pic - 2023-09-04T155852.038 appears to work (I tried without username & password).
Depending on your network provider’s security settings, not all brokers may be connected to.

I wonder what you (@nicolai_navarro) would like cloud variables to do for your purpose.
Which cloud variables is your game going to need, and who will maintain them? (do you envision a central administrator?).
Can competitors' programs be trusted to behave according to the rules of the game?

The other brokers do work it’s just that on some networks (like my schools) they are blocked

That is last time I looked was the case, the brokers worked fine on my computer but not on the school issued devices, but it could be that they are just down temporarily

Ah, yes, you’re right. I’ll update my post.

Np! Glad I could help

There’s also probably a few already made cloud variable servers that have blocks for them, but those are usually insecure and are just shots in the dark

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