How to make a 3d sphere

it will move when you click arrows like in first person

Are you using your own 3d or v10's Beetleblocks?

own 3d because beetle blocks cant be played with

You could use raycasting but if you do so you couldn't see it from top to bottom. What are you doing to make your project 3d?


What type of rendering?

Screenshot 2024-05-17 9.48.05 AM

That doesn't actually answer Super's question. Can you send a script pic of the definition?

You can send the project so we can see everything without you needing to send script pics.

and yes that is a scrpit from @oscarrobinson because i lost my script

oh i found it

Why don't you make a sprite for the sphere that get shown on the map where it is hit by a ray?


In the top-down map you're shooting rays in, add a sphere sprite or clone. When it gets hit by a ray, on the raycasting map it'll show on the spot it was hit by a ray.

i still dont understand


What!? What does

even mean!? I mean, yeah, no collision, but it's 3D! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "CAN'T BE PLAYED WITH, @mtrout_27!?