How to load midis and export midis and play it?

i wanna load midi but there no way how


make a midi reader

i cant make a midi reader

@bh Sooooo?

he will see this topic even if you don't @mention him. He probably doesn't know how to do it either.

Actually I've been interested in make a MIDI player for a while. That's why I bookmarked that link that I gave in my nerd stuff folder. Maybe I'll try to make a MIDI player in Snap! (don't count on it though)

Yeah. Jens is the music guy in this outfit.

I believe there are third-party MIDI libraries for JS. You could look into building a Snap! library using one.

How? and where

I'd have to do a web search for a library, which you can do too. As for integrating it into Snap!, read the code in the Bignums library for an example.

There are a bunch of apps that let you convert MIDI files to CSV. I haven't tried any of them myself but read reports about this being something data scientists use.

That gets them into Snap!, but the ultimate goal is to play them.

Ah, well, we have curriculum for that! Snap2 - Week 1, Unit 4:

I know, I'm bugging you about implementing the MIDI instruments! :~P