How to keep an Snap! project openned

Like UpTimeRobot but only opening it occasionally without closing that virtual window.

keep it open on your computer?

Yes, but my computer will not be working 24/7. I need another option

That's what you're essentially asking for, a computer that is running 24/7. You should probably search for something like that online, although, it would most likely cost money.

Well, actually I'm essentially asking for a Snap! compiler. But my skills are not very good... that's why I'm looking for this!

I don't see how this is going to help with making a snap compiler.

Using the MQTT library

How is this going to work?

I've actually tested it with Replit, but only works if I keep the window openned. The server loads a Snap! project I made and keeps it open so a client can send MQTT request, and then that project executes the code.

I'm sorry, but I don't see the point in using a server for compiling code. I think I would understand it better if I knew what the goal of this is.

Basically like Execute Service of NetsBlox but with sprite/clones/background management. More info in this topic:

That makes a lot more sense. What you're project is, is not really a compiler, it's just a server that people can store things on. Yes, you are sending the scripts through text, and yes, that would kind of be compiling, but communicating between a server and a user's computer, is not a compiler.

Well, whatever... I thought this will be easier by using MQTT from Snap! so I wouldn't have to mess with source code and such complicated things