How to import sound into Snap!

Merry Christmas to all you guys out there stuck in isolation. It's so hectic at the moment; this Christmas is like never before, in a strange way. I am isolating at home, so I feel pretty bored these days.

Anyways, I was going through the Snap! editor trying to create a project about sound, and I cannot seem to import any sound into the editor! Is this a bug? Or am I just silly enough to not see the option (or something like that) to import it?


What this usually means is that your browser doesn't understand the format of the sound file (mp3, ogg, wav, etc.), especially if it's a little-known format. (All browsers understand mp3, I think.) So, first try a different browser.

You can import a sound either by dragging it onto the Snap! window or by choosing File>Import from the menu.

Ok, the one I am trying to import is an MP3 file, so should I first put it into my computer storage, and then import the sound in from there?

For me, I have to do the same with images. I usually have to download images and then import them, dragging them from another webpage typically does not work.

Oh I see. Yes. Dragging from one browser window to another works occasionally, I think, depending on the browser, the data type, and the phase of the moon.


whenever I import images, and if it's an image that I don't really want to download, I'll just copy the image and use a block that can get the image from my clipboard, which means I don't have to download the file. Here's the clipboard blocks.

PHASE OF THE MOON n. Used humorously as a random parameter on which something is said to depend. Sometimes implies unreliability of whatever is dependent, or that reliability seems to be dependent on conditions nobody has been able to determine. "This feature depends on having the channel open in mumble mode, having the foo switch set, and on the phase of the moon."



@bh, the thing is my browser doesn't allow me to drag anything into it. Why?

@ego-lay_atman-bay yes, i do that too. i think what @bh said is that it's really the same with sound.

Thanks for your help.

same with me, @legoman3.14 and also, @bh and @jens is there any way to shrink the size of the imported image in Snap! (I mean the kilobytes and stuff, not the size as in large and small) ? I have to every time enter a different website to import the image there into some kind of "image shrinker" and it makes my image smaller. I was thinking if this could be added as a feature into Snap maybe? What do you think?

That's a good idea in principle. I have to say, though, it's not something we'll get around to considering quickly.

Yes, so, when you have the time, maybe look into this.

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