How to i make it so when a sprite is touching another sprite, it bounces

how do you make it so awhen a sprite is touching another sprite then it bounces


You have to code some block...

I made a block here: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

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Couldn't you use the Touching? block and use Turn 180?


That's not how reflection, and by extension bouncing, works. Just try the IF ON EDGE, BOUNCE block at an angle and you'll see.

Edit: like this:

I made some thing to show you.

Guys! I already made the block!

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks.

Project does not exist

This is an rather simple block to make.
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not if on edge bounce..... if on edge in general

its shared and published

No its not

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but it is!

Its not!

whats going on here