How to hide sprite from editor?

just like we hide blocks, can we hide sprites from editor?

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You're asking a lot of questions at once. Maybe you should start with the index to the Reference Manual.

i understand i can sound stupid on asking how to hide sprites like if i really didnt know anything about it, i meant hiding sprites from editor, like we can hide blocks (you know, we would not see them in editor, but they would be there actually)

I didn't mean to suggest you were stupid! It's not that this was a stupid question, just that you asked four of them at once, on not quite the same topic.

There isn't an official way, but try this:
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It's not perfect because making a sprite into a temporary clone has other effects you won't want, such as making the sprite be killed when you click the red or green flag.

Okay, I'm getting curious, and also suspicious. What's going on here? You seem to be working on some bigger project in which you want to do everything with JavaScript. Mind telling us more about this project of yours? It doesn't sound like you're doing this for fun. Are you working on some commercial project?

i dont work on commercial project, thats project im making Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

basically codification for lua, love2d, if i can call it like this...

i have sprite named core there, i kinda do not want to user to see that sprite, like its being a little unnecessary and distracting to the user, thats why i asked about hiding it

i also asked about getting scripts with hats, because it could help me to 'generate code' from that core sprite, instead of using custom blocks pretending to be primitive blocks as i do now, so i could use primitive blocks

Oh. If that's what you want, put the code in the Stage and nobody will notice it. :~)

i still want users to use stage too т-т

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