How to go back to a previous script

Example sequence:-

  1. show menu/instruction to user
  2. User picked "a", to change username or password
  3. After user is done with changing, how to redirect them back to 1) menu... without having to paste the entire block for the menu again

Usually there wouldn't be a "redirect back" issue because there would be a WHEN KEY (A) PRESSED script, and when it finished, it'd just finish, and the other one would still be running.

But your way, with explicit code implementing a menu, is fine, too. So you have IF ANSWER=A [...] and what goes in the ... is the script to change username or whatever, and when it finishes, the menu script continues. It probably looks like

  ask [the menu]
  if answer=a [...]
  else if answer=b [...]
  else [...]

and when the code for the selected item finishes, the FOREVER loops and displays the menu again.

Does that help?

You can use broadcasts like this


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