How to get text to speech and report it

I basically want a block like this:
untitled script pic (7)

I think we are going to need a bit more information in order to help you out :slight_smile:

Well, I think what he wants is to get text to speech as a sound in Snap! rather than just being able to play it with the block. I don't know if it's possible without JavaScript. Maybe the primitives can help?

Do you mean, report a sound that is text to speach, but not play it immediately?

Of course it has to be done with javascript. The text to speech library uses javascript.

Why don't we wait for OP to clarify what they mean :slight_smile:

I was thinking that maybe the primitives for the Text To Speech library might have reported the sound, which would have been the case where JS would not be needed.

No, it uses the javascript web speech api


AFAIK, there's no know method of capturing the generated speech as it's all done behind the scenes :frowning:

You could call other API's (e.g Google text to speech) but that would require JavaScript and a google account

I use a free Text-to-Speech API in NodeRED to get an audio file that I then send onto Alexa but not tried to do the same in Snap!

But if its possible in NR (uses node.js) then it could be possible in Snap! using JavaScript

Dude :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Run Snap!, click the paper icon (files), click "Libraries", click "Text to Speech", click "Import", click "Sound", drag one of the two blocks to the editor, and click on the block.

i dont think you even tested your own solution
its not possible without an external API or javascript

Oh tested it and worked

i cant even understand this part

and why do I need to open sound

drag one of the text to speech blocks to the editor and click on it.

but that doesnt report anything?

i dont even know what is reporting

the little speech bubble above a reporter when you click on it

why does it "report" :dotted_line_face: :dotted_line_face: :dotted_line_face: :dotted_line_face:

Aww man...
Real the manual!It's awesome!