How to get sprites, media, and other things i wanna do in Javascript?

I was working on this Script2Java Project i made (just for fun) until i came across this road bump again: "How do i turn sprites or media from Snap! readable for it's JavaScript environment?".

I want a javascript function where you can return a specific name of a sprite (eg. this.stageSprites("Sprite"), this.costumes("Alonzo"), this.sounds("Pop")), tell or ask a different sprite to do or for something, and also turn an array into a list or list to array. One thing not related to this topic i want is to turn a zip file into a Snap list. if that exists, can anybody tell me the script?

Go take a look at the source code, you might be able to find a function that might help.

i have same question, did u found out solution?

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