How to get request URL via php

$reqUrl = $_SERVER['HTTP_Origin']


Does not work

Sorry, it's actually all caps:


And can you get on the forum repl?

thats all right :slight_smile:
yes and pls stop spamming five @ s are more enough to call me :slight_smile:

I tryed that

Groan. You're arranging an off-site meeting, aren't you? Which part of "no" don't you understand?

Look at live-txt
Also,we should use utc time when talking to diffrent time zones.

sorry :frowning:
but we arranged it before new forum rules so we didnt know it.

You can use


though this can easily be spoofed.
(sorry for the late (actually 6 months) late response, I just figured it out)

:frowning: uhoh
and this was too late that i changed my server to python