How to get a list of all variables (preferably without javascript)

I'm trying to show a display of all variables in the project,but I don't know how to get the names of them. please help

in sensing there's a ([costume # v] of [ v]) block, change costume # to variables, and do it for whatever sprites.
i don't think there's any way to get only globals.
you can also get variables of rings, which will include script variables.

why do you need a list of variables though? it sounds like you're doing something that you probably shouldn't be doing.

What do you mean by

also to only get globals do it on a sprite with no locals

i don't get why you would need the names of variables, because there isn't much you can do with it, and what you can do with it would likely just make the code very confusing.
why wouldn't you already know the names of variables, and what are you trying to do with those names?

Maybe for code codification? I think I remember @coder_07 asking for code codification blocks.
Or it could be for a custom block that manages variables, like resets all variables to 0.
Besides, what is your business to know what they're making? Maybe it's for a secret project they've been working on.

codification makes sense, but they mentioned making a sprite with no local variables, libraries can't make sprites.
resetting all variables to 0 doesn't make sense, why 0, and not a blank text, false or null? there's no default value that works for all cases and all it would likely do is hide bugs (as in they would still be there for the same reasons, just harder to find)

i ask about it because this seems like an XY problem. i don't want people to learn bad habits, if someone's asking for help it's likely they might not know what they're doing, and this kind of thing sounds like a weird hack for something that should have a much easier and less buggy solution.


Actually, they were explaining how to get only global variables.

Sorry, if I didn't clarify, but that was an example.

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