How to fork the server code?

I am creating a mod of Snap! I want to have a way to store projects made with my program, and may modify it.
How do I fork your server?

Also I hope it's written in Java :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate markdown for needing <i>!</i> instead of *!*

It's on Github as

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Fortunately it's written in Lua!

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I know this is a really old topic, but why did you choose Lua/Lapis for the server?

pretty unfortunate

First of all, unfortunate would have been to write it in Java.

With that out of the way, I chose Lua and Lapis because of several reasons:

  • Lua is fast, but also dynamic. It's probably the fastest dynamic language out there.
  • Lua has the basic things I need from any language: first class functions, first class dynamic heterogeneous tables (and no other complex data structure!) and -to an extent- liveness.
  • (Most of) Lua can be learned in a very short time.
  • While being somewhat non mainstream, Lua has an enormous amount of well supported libraries for all sorts of things.
  • It's such a simple language that you just need to look up in one book for all the documentation. (In case you're curious, that's the Programming in Lua book by the author of Lua, Roberto Ierusalimschy).
  • Come on, EVERYBODY loves Lua. It's about the only thing 90% of programmers agree on!
  • Lapis is industry tested and is known to be able to handle millions of requests.
  • Lapis is small enough that one single person can understand pretty much all its code.
  • I had already built a similar software for Beetle Blocks, and Snap!, very urgently (like, in a month!) needed a replacement for the old cloud, because the provider who had been very altruistically offering that service for us for years needed to cut it out.
  • I like learning new things.
  • You would have complained way more about my actually preferred language and web framework :wink:

Now I know why lua is so easy!
First,it has end syntax like scratchblocks,most bultin functions like python,not-so-clunky control structures like C++,extendable(userdata)like python,bultin threads(no library like Threading or _thread),good scope control and lambda(unlike python's global keyword and bad :lambda:)……