How to find unique pixel values in a costume

I was going to play around with image compression and thought about building list of unique colours

So I tried this (on standard Alonso costume)

but it doesn't seem to do anything

Anyone got any nice neat solutions?

RGBA Blending script pic (2)

I'm afraid that pixels of the costume may be cached once, and the usual "quirks" :wink: with the modified list item may occur.
So a project reload or costume switch may solve your current problem. For the future, "id" may be helpful.

Thanks for that hint as to what was wrong

I didn't know this sort of thing could happen

(it worked when I saved/ file new and then reloaded my project)

I'll maybe remember to try id of if I encounter strange things in future :slight_smile:

When it didn't work, I just assumed that uniques only worked on single columns :slight_smile:

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