How to export a image list?

Ok so, I'm trying to make a 'Video Recording' project in Snap that, in short, will ask the user "How many secs?" then take images of the stage then put them in a list as 'frames'.

Since I want the user to be able to keep the video, they'd have to export the list of frames and combine them their selves.

The problem is, I can't figure out how to export the list.

So, if you can tell me how to export a list of images or another way to download like at least 1000 frames, please help me.


Short answer: you can't
Long answer: technically it's possible, but it may require javascript.

Tricky to do programmaticaly but you can right click and export a list


The thing is that the export button won't show up. I'm thinking it's because it stores an image, instead of text.

Can you please tell me how? I a newbie to Javascript

Is your image a costume?
If so, then you can convert each image into it's list of pixels and then export that


With that method, can the user put the image data into a photo merger?

I'm afraid not - they'd need something to transcode the data back to an image

ok thx. Bye

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