How to draw a stickman


thank you

Hold on, why is your username in the project "Funtime_foxy666" but your name on the forums end in 101?!

Funtime_foxy666 is their alternate account. There's also a funtime_foxy101 on snap.

What helicoptur said.

I use both accounts and sometimes I make projects on the FUNTIME_FOXY666 account.

Cool, it’s hilarious :joy: and I love that you put an actual voiceover rather than a robotic voice
Is it your voice?

yes. well, a very exaggerated version of my voice.

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Very corny

Salut, pourquoi ne pas avoir utilisé le format svg pour les costumes ?

Je n'ai pas utilisé svg parce que j'étais trop paresseux pour utiliser svg et l'éditeur de costume svg est nul