How to draw a costume with pen

If you can't do any of these steps, go to Help with Snap.
Step 1: Draw the costume you want with the pen blocks.
Step 2: make this script:
Step 3: click the block
You now have whatever you drew with pen as a costume in the costumes list!

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great trick, thank you, @miniepicness!

Ohh, wow what a trick, I really didn't know about it before, and I tried it and really it works very well. Actually I am very fond of designing and I do it when I get a leisure time, infact I have serious back bone issues but still I do it on my standing desk whom I bought from Flexispot coupons at Reecoupons, and really I can easily do many work on this desk without feeling any pain.

I just thought of a clever idea: combine this with the stamp block and create fractals!

Do you mean something like using stamp to create fractals in the project at A fun-to-watch (although imperfect) 'remix' of Brian Harvey's Pythagoras tree (fractal) project

I was thinking more like drawing a triangle, then forever taking the pen trails and stamping in three places (Sier-pen-ski)

This is a smart way to make the triangle really fast

try it

What way? My way?

Try what? My way? I tried my way, but it starts to get too thin to show up around the fifteenth iteration.

I used the reply button so you could see which message i was responding to. Anyway it's sad that it doesn't work well enough